Individual Wealth Planning

An Integrated Approach to Asset Management

What does asset management mean? More importantly, what does it mean to you? At Canter, what we find is that most households have a number of professionals they work with, yet none of them speak to one another. Investment advisors manage money, accountants prepare taxes, estate attorneys create trusts, and real estate agents advise on real estate. To us, there is no question each one of these areas impacts another. Investments create taxes, assets lead to estate plans, and real estate influences all of the above. The question we ask is, shouldn’t all these aspects of someone’s financial health be integrated? The outcome of our approach is clear – integrated efficiencies lead to lower investment costs, reduced tax burdens, and increased peace of mind. If your financial professionals are not integrated, ask yourself why?

Investment Philosophy


In a world riddled with opaque, risky, and expensive investment products, our belief is finding simplicity in complexity. There are thousands of stocks to pick from, and even more mutual funds and exchange traded funds available for investment. Where does one begin? We begin with our belief in the elegance of capital markets. While most advisors try to fight markets, we look to harness its power. The bedrock of our philosophy is in the wisdom of crowds – that the collective knowledge of all market participants is superior to any one individual. In simpler terms, the price of a security today already reflects all publicly available information about future earnings and growth potential. Its new information that changes the price of a stock – and since by definition news is unknown, trying to predict the future of markets is an almost impossible task. Understanding how capital markets function in this sense frees us from the traditional Wall Street approach of picking stocks and timing markets. Not only is that approach expensive and tax inefficient, the now 60+ years of evidence proves that its archaic and simply doesn’t work. There are endless studies from the University of Chicago and other top economic schools to support this claim, however you don’t have to look any further than the semi-annual studies provided by the Standard & Poors (S&P)


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